2019 Federal Duck Stamp Winner by Eddie Leroy
Duck Stamp Winner by Eddie Leroy
  • Magnificent Buck in and doe acrylic by Eddie Leroy 2018
  • Lynx hunting pheasants
  • Morning Departure Elk in acrylic by Eddie Leroy 2018
  • Commissioned Art of Labrador with duck
  • Labrador with duck


Eddie Leroy

Eufaula's Eddie LeRoy has won three Alabama duck stamp contests.


Eddie Leroy is like a modern-day Michelangelo. But while the 16th century artist spent four years atop scaffolding painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Leroy is on his feet outdoors from sunup to sundown creating Dothan’s latest mural. - Carla Davis


As a kid growing up in Eufaula, Eddie LeRoy loved drawing pictures of trucks and deer.

“I was always drawing,” LeRoy says.

Along with the deer, there were plenty of turkey, quail and water fowl to serve as subjects for the young artist. Fishing and swimming holes were endless topics to explore.

“My dad took me hunting ...,” LeRoy says. “That’s probably what got me into it.”

LeRoy developed an appreciation for both hunting as recreation and the wildlife so plentiful around Lake Eufaula. He still lives about a mile from where he grew up playing in the woods, hunting and drawing. Today, however, the landscape is very different. Where he used to hunt quail is now dotted with homes that either border the Country Club of Alabama golf course or the lake. But he’s still an avid hunter, and he still captures wildlife in art. -


  • 3 Times Alabama Duck Stamp Winner
  • Eufala and Dothan Alabama Muralist
  • Featured at National Wild Turkey Federation
  • 1990-91 Florida Turkey Stamp
  • 1991 Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print
  • 1998 Arkansas Turkey Stamp
  • 1999-2000 Alabama Duck Stamp
  • 2000 National Wild Turkey Federation Stamp
  • 2003 Arkansas Wild Turkey Stamp
  • 2003 Mississippi Wild Turkey Federation Stamp
  • 2004-05 South Carolina Migratory Waterfoul Stamp